A wooden, chain link or wrought iron fence benefits a family in different ways. Among the benefits is that it improves the exterior of the home and brings a lot of change and improves security and privacy of the home. This article will state and explain the types of fences available.

Types of fences


This is the most basic and attractive type of fence. It can be easily styled to give the desired look. It can be made look like any other fence. It does not require high maintenance. The fence is not the strongest, and a homeowner with security as number one priority will not go for it. You can give it a new look by painting or decorating. If you live in areas with severe weather spells, this is not the option for you.


You have probably passed more than one wooden fences today. It is a very popular type of fencing. It not only gives security and privacy but also is very attractive. It is quite affordable and can give you a welcoming and warm feeling. To note, the height and size of the fence affect its cost in a great way. To have it last longer, it is advisable to purchase durable and high-quality wood for the fence.


This is the most effective type of fencing for the yard. It serves perfectly in providing boundaries to the property. This type of fence can stand all elements from changes in weather and lasts longer. It comes in a variety of colors and heights making it easy to complement the whole landscape.

Wrought iron

Fences from wrought iron are the strongest and most beautiful in the market. It is finished with numerous funky designs. The fence does not need a lot of maintenance, and it is very attractive. You will need to repaint this type of fence after three to four years. Quality is always expensive hence you will need some good cash to install this type of fence.


This is a very popular fence for some reasons. The fence is highly durable. It is five times stronger compared to a wood fence. It is easy to maintain and clean. The fence is resistant to paint making it easy to wash stains.